Planning Memorable Funeral Services in the Naperville & Plainfield Communities

n end-of-life service can be a relatively quiet and simple affair, a deeply religious ceremony, a dignified formal tribute to a more public figure, or a boisterous celebration of a wonderful life—the choices are endless and as personal as your memory of a special life.

Where to begin? Determining the type of funeral services is the first step: burial, cremation, visitation, or memorial service. Often these choices are determined by religious tradition or familial customs. From that point, decisions are based on personal preference and the desire to memorialize the loved one, to truly reflect the life and character of the deceased.

Throughout the planning process, the professionals of Friedrich-Jones & Overman-Jones Funeral Homes encourage you to celebrate the life of your loved one by personalizing the services to reflect that person’s interests, skills, and significance in your family. When you choose to plan ahead for your own end-of-life services, we offer endless options and guidance—learn more about pre-planning funeral services.


Personalizing Your Service

Whether you are planning your own service in advance or planning for a loved one, making it personal requires some thought. Many items, such as photos or mementos, may be brought from home to display at the service, while other items may be selected at the funeral home. You may even wish to include a cherished family pet at your visitation or memorial service.

There are many ways to customize a tribute to a family member or friend. There are far too many to list, but the family and staff of Friedrich-Jones & Overman-Jones Funeral Homes will guide you through the many different options that are available to create a unique personalized commemoration of your loved one.

Personalization themes may be based on the interests of the deceased, such as hobbies, music, favorite sports or teams, or a branch of the military. A skill at knitting, a competitive golfer, a love of horses, or a loyal Cubs fan may all be reflected in the services. This theme may even be mirrored in your memorial brochures or programs with logos, icons, or photos.

The following list offers potential options for personalizing your services:

  • Photo collages, albums, and framed photography—A photo display is a very simple but lovely way to offer a memorial of your loved one and a focal point for guests and family members.
  • Video tribute—A wonderful way to honor a special life, this engaging tribute may be run on a continuous loop throughout the visitation or memorial service; families may create their own or leave it to our skilled audiovisual professional to prepare a lasting memorial that can be copied and distributed to endless family members.
  • Personal interest items (golf bag, military awards, quilts, etc.)—An exhibit of the person’s skills or hobbies is often central to a visitation or memorial service.
  • Decorative casket panels and casket engraving—These ornamental items are a popular way to embellish the casket with a personal touch.
  • Decorative urn—Whether a temporary or permanent vessel, the urn can be a beautiful reflection of the life of the deceased.
  • Floral pieces—Flowers are often the centerpiece to a funeral service, accompanying the remains from the visitation, to the place of worship, to the final resting place; we offer assistance in locating area floral shops.
  • Music—Personal and touching, music sets the tone for the entire memorial event.
  • Readings, biblical passages, and eulogies—Those spoken pieces are often thought provoking and leave a powerful memory for guests and family members at a service.
  • Pallbearers—An honor to those left behind, the choice of the final escort is a personal and touching tribute.
  • Post-service gathering—The support of loved ones is significant, demonstrated by sharing refreshments and stories that assist the family in their journey to recovering from grief and loss; we offer a guide to local amenities and catering for assistance in choosing an appropriate setting for this gathering.

Planning an end-of-life event is always easier when done in advance. But even if you are faced with a sudden loss, the Jones family of funeral professionals is here to guide you.

Face death with grace, dignity, and an appreciation for a life well lived—plan your end-of-life services with our family at Friedrich-Jones & Overman-Jones Funeral Homes. 

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